Some of you may remember St. Joan of Arc Parish

aka “Home of the Smug, Self-Satisfied, Suburban Uber-Flakes”. Naturally, one of their teachers is getting an award from the bishop and Catholic Parents Online is not staying quiet about it.

Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

226 Summit Avenue

Saint Paul, MN 55102


May 18, 2003

Dear Archbishop Flynn,

Just today, CPO has been informed of some alarming news. We tell you this before you unknowingly become part of a serious scandal which is scheduled to take place in 3 days!

In the most recent issue of the “Catholic Spirit”, an article entitled,“Excellent Religious Educators Honored”, reports that this Wednesday,May 21st, you will be presenting awards to 12 parish or school catechists and six parish or school catechetical leaders. See this:

Archbishop Flynn, one of the awards is set to go to Kathy Itzin, a religious education teacher from St. Joan of Arc parish, who has publicly described her experience of raising children with her same-sex partner as “very rewarding and fulfilling” – (see “CPCSM” link below).

Kathy Itzin is well known for her work with “Rainbow Families, which isone of the largest regional lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parent organizations in the country” – see this:

She is also a former Board member of the “Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities”. Ms. Itzin and her “partner” are highlighted on the “CPCSM” website as panelists at a Speakers’ Series Event on “GLBT” Parents. Included in the “CPCSM” story is the following:

“Eleven years ago, they adopted Annie, an African-American child from Texas, when she was only five days old. Wanting to provide Annie with a dark-complexioned sibling and always having wanted a biological child of their own, they next decided that Kathy would bear a child and carefully chose a Black male donor from Panama…” for the complete story see this:

Archbishop Flynn, as our shepherd we pray that God will give you the wisdom and courage to stop this scandal – we ask that He hold you up with His grace as you proclaim the Truth… in season and out of season!

Sincerely in His love,

Colleen Perfect, President

Catholic Parents OnLine

You might want to consider letting Abp. Flynn know your opinion too. As I say, we have the pastoral care we’ve been willing to settle for.