“There! That oughtta hold the little b******s!”

That remark, famously made by a children’s radio show host who thought he was off the air, came to mind as I discovered my blog, Catholic Light and Extreme Catholic were apparently part of some curious experiment hosted by Raving Atheist to show that atheists could be full of sweetness and light too. I’m not sure what occasioned the experiment. Maybe he was stung by den Beste’s remarks about his “evangelical” atheism and wanted to show that he is not the obnoxious guy his blog constantly reveals him to be. I dunno. Anyway, he urged atheists to go out and say a kind word to three theists of their choice. Lucky us, we got brief one line notes from somebody named Rumblefish on what swell blogs we had. I felt affirmed in my okayness. Then Rumblefish scurried back to the safety of the lab, promptly proclaiming his need for a shower. Okay. I’m sold. You like me! You really like me! Atheists clearly have Christians whupped in the unconditional love department. ;)