A reader responds to my question…

…how we get these eminently practical ideas for reforrm off the pages of a blog and into the hands of people who can do something about them:

Here is one way.

There are many seminaries in America. Some of these seminaries are also priories or monsteries. So there are hundreds or even thousands of postulants, novices, seminarians, active priests, and retired priests who live, work, or hang out at American seminaries.

Some of them must read your blog.

Remember the “visitation of seminaries” that the Vatican promised? Well someday soon that will happen. What if someone reading your blog resolved to tell one anecdote to the visitor? What if someone reading your blog could tell the visitor about the do-it-yourself Masses in Los Angeles, or the widespread general absolution in Seattle, or the St Sebastian’s Angels story in Dallas?

The advantage of this method is that we _know_ the visitors will report back to the Vatican.