If something isn’t done about these lousy bishops, I’ll….

You’ll what? It’s a question worth asking yourself. You’ll turn your back on Jesus Christ in the Eucharist? You may, but you’ll be sinning to do it. You’ll withhold your tithe? Fine. Just don’t withhold it from the alien, the orphan, and the widow. You’ll get really really really angry? Okay. And after that, what?

One of the realities of life, it seems to me, is that God puts us in seemingly impossible situations (“Here, have the Mosaic Law. Be sure you obey it all. Oh, and by the way, it’s impossible to obey it all. Deal with that for a few centuries.”) so that we can somehow muddle through to some sort of paradigm shift, as Paul did when he realized the Law had been given to show we couldn’t keep it and to point us to Christ. I have no idea what the paradigm shift will be with the Situation, but I do know in my bones that we can neither simply tolerate lousy bishops nor just walk away from the Church, which is necessarily hierarchical. The only way out is through.

Not terribly comforting, but there you are. Personally, I think an attentive reading of the prophets is in order. They too were stuck in a world of corrupt hierarchy. They neither applied for citizenship in Assyria, nor just sat there and said nothing. They raged, but they insisted on raging in *hope* and they never concluded that the corruption of the Davidic monarchy spelled the negation of the promises to David and his son, the Messiah. Something similar is required of us in this hour, I think.