Just Got This from a Friend

We just saw “Matrix Reloaded” at Microsoft, as a “morale event”. It is pretty fun — more of the same as the original (which I only saw for the first time on Sunday). More fights, more bullets, more swirling black leather trench coats.

Differences from the first: no icky gross-out scenes (no more pale pod people with wires sticking out of them. Ewww.). Also waaaay more sex: I really don’t think I’ll bring my bigger kids. It’s rated R for some pretty extended sex scenes with cheesy pulsing musical accompaniment.

The best parts: There’s a terrific 20-minute car chase scene with cars, machine guns, explosions, 18-wheelers, more explosions, more bullets, motorcycles, on the LA freeway. There’s also a great 5-minute kung fu scene with Keanu vs. multiple Smiths. There’s a very oily French villian who is waaaay over the top in stereotyping American’s ideas of French to the point of absurdity. Are the French now eclipsing Germans and Brits as the preferred movie villains? (Oh — and if anyone finds out his cheesecake recipe, please let me know.) Plus the delicious pleasure of hearing Agent Smith roll “Missterr Annnnderrsonn” around in his mouth like a prize port.

The disappointments: Trinity looks gaunt — bulimic even. She was fine in the first one, but she didn’t need to diet. Now I don’t see how Keanu avoids scratching himself on her cheek ridges. And the plot kind of loses it at the end — the last 15 minutes are pretty cheesy, to be honest. Either really predictable, or suprising in a “they can’t be serious!” way. And the final scene is just jaw-droppingly “Huh? That’s it???” They also shouldn’t have pushed the uber-deep plot-within-the-plot twists so far — they tried for profound, but almost turned into a parody. Also, they should know better than to keep the Morpheus guy from making “Let’s boogie!” speeches to a crowd of ravers — he’s so much better when he plays it cool with shades up close.

But if you liked the first one, you’ll like this. The look is great, the action is wonderful, the one-liners are fun. It’s a fun couple hours on the big screen — good summer movie fare.

“I don’t see how Keanu avoids scratching himself on her cheek ridges.” What’s this guy doing working for Microsoft? He could be writing film reviews for the Seattle Times!