The American Prospect Drums its Fingers and Says….

“Well? Where are they?”

I note as well that the rationale for the war seems to shifting (once again) to “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Memo to those with TV-induced attention spans: we did not fight this war to liberate Iraq, just as we are not fighting other wars with other easily defeatable despotisms (Saudi Arabia anyone?) because we give a rip about suffering foreigners. We fought because (we were told) there were WMDs by the bushel in Iraq. So. I’m waiting. Where are they? I’m not as ready as the author of this piece to call Bush a liar. But I’m rather put off by the ease with which apologists for the war shift rationales for the war. If one doesn’t work, there’s always another one. As a Catholic, used to hearing an ever-changing kaleidoscope of claims that the Catholic Church is evil because it’s unbiblical/too biblical/too masculine/too feminine/always changing/never changing/too authoritarian/not authoritarian enough/too rationalist/too mystical etc. ad nauseam, I’ve grown to have a quick and congenital suspicion of people who appear to have made up their minds about something in advance of and in the teeth of whatever evidence is out there. So my suspicions are only piqued when last month I was assured there was 3 WMDs in every garage and mosque in Iraq, and now there aren’t any, but that’s okay because we were really fighting to liberate Iraq. That looks very much like an attempt to cope with a growing body of evidence that we fought an unjust aggressive war against a country that did not pose an imminent threat to us. Happily, in this case, the ruler of that country was an evil monster that it’s hard to feel bad about destroying. But it sets rather troubling precedents that one can hardly blame other defenseless countries for fretting about. Oh, I know. We’re Americans and therefore, by definition, good. But still there’s that troubling passage in Romans 3:23 which allied with our overwhelming technological capacity to do whatever the hell we feel like does give me, as a Christian, some pause.