Case in point

This guy would benefit much more from the way the Pope interacts with human beings than from having his Mom called a “towelhead.” Without a lot of pushing, many Muslims in the Mushy Middle would like to draw closer to the West (and some are even very curious about Christ. I’ve corresponded with them.) But guess what? If you create the unbreakable conviction in the Islamic world that the Church is simply one more instrument of policy for the United States, you inevitably give the impression to the Mushy Middle that bin Laden is right to regard this as “Crusades Redux”. And oddly enough, when people feel their homeland or their people threatened by an ancient enemy, they tend to hunker down and cease their religious questing.

The proof of this is seen in the book of Hebrews. This was not written to *potential* converts, it was written to converts–specifically Jewish converts (and very likely converts living in the Holy Land). Oddly, when tensions began to heat up between Romans and Jews, Jewish converts began to wonder if they were traitors to their people and to feel a strong pull back to temple worship. Hebrews was written largely to persuade them they hadn’t made a horrible mistake. Muslims, curious about and sympathetic to Christianity would feel those misgivings in spades if the Pope were to follow the demands of comments box denizens clamoring for him to shout “Deus Volt!”