I’m not the only one that’s starting to drum his fingers and think…

Well? Where are they? I was promised by the people who started this war that they were there (“Oh, if I could only talk about the intelligence that crosses my desk every day!”).”

Unlike some Catholic apologists for this war, I have kept in view the fact that there was only one (1) reason for it: the danger of WMD. Yes, I recognize that there is now coming to light some (vague) interactions between Saddam and al-Quaeda. But the reality is, we did not go to war for that reason. We weren’t told repeatedly, “Oh, if only you knew how much we know about Iraq’s connections to Al-Quaeda.” We were told instead that there were tons of WMDs laying around and we were going to see to it that they were found and destroyed and a war was necessary to do that. We went to war because we were *assured* that there were WMD all over the place in Iraq and that anybody who doubted that was a bleedin’ idiot.

So where are they? I’m a patient man and am willing to give more time to the guys who are looking. Iraq’s a big place. But I also think that gung-ho pro-war types should be having just a few doubts about the justice of this war if it turns out that Iraq did not, in fact, pose any threat to us. It is still on the cards that you’ve been had–and not by Saddam. I hope not. But I put no trust in princes, not even my own, if the evidence makes it clear I shouldn’t. So far, the jury’s still out. But it’s getting late and I’d like to see some proof of what I was assured was true.