The Reason I Was Never Able to Warm to Calvinism (summed up in verse)

A Hymn For The Reformed Child

(Sung to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.” Sing it out loud–it is even funnier that way).

1. Jesus loves me, this I think,

If I’m wrong, to hell I’ll sink,

Little ones to Him belong,

To save or damn, for He is strong!


Yes, He may love me,

And has elected,

Or else rejected,

Me ere the world began.

3. Though it would have cost no more

If all men came through the door,

He who paid the highest price,

Just for some gained Paradise. (Chorus)

4. Little ones with souls pre-damned

Into praising Him are scammed,

Taught to call Him their dear Friend,

Who their souls to hell will send. (Chorus)

2. Art Thou Friend or Enemy?

Hast already condemned me?

Mercy but to some Hell show,

I interpret Scripture so.(Chorus)

5. And if mercy is for me,

“Justice” first appeased must be.

Jesus dies upon the tree,

God kills Him and maybe me. (Chorus)

6. And if Thou has chosen me,

And if godlike I would be,

Must I only love the ones

Predestined to be Thy sons? (Chorus)

7. Dread Lord, sure none could love Thee,

Unless supernaturally.

Draw me irresistibly,

Force me, Jesus, to love Thee! (Chorus)

One of the most awful and uncomfortable moments I ever saw a devout Calvinist go through was the time a some guy who was trying to learn about Christianity asked him, “Does God love me?” It was asked very simply and sweetly and without a polemical bone in the questioner’s body. The man asked because he really needed to know.

And the Calvinist could not answer that question.

It was ghastly.

It seems terribly simple to say it, but one of the reasons I love the Catholic Faith is that it can answer that question with a resounding “YES!”

Update: Just to be clear, I didn’t write this. Indented text typically means I’m quoting.