Don’t tell me. He was kinda quiet, kept to himself. And his neighbors are shocked and never imagined he’d do something like this. Meanwhile, gun rights advocates are saying, “Hey! Owning a machine gun can be both fun and beneficial! And who says that just because a weapon is designed for nothing besides the mass murder of a lot of people at once that it’s dangerous to make such a weapon available on a mass scale? Typical liberal hysteria!”

Have I mentioned lately that some gun rights advocates remind me of pro-choice fanatics? Any attempt to keep machine guns (MACHINE FRICKIN’ GUNS!) out of the hands of homicidal maniacs is spoken of by some of these people as though hordes of communist zombies want to set fire to the Constitution and enslave the populace (much like NARAL types wetting themselves at the thought of restricting infanticide).

Earth to gun freaks: no civilian needs a machine gun. If you are Catholic who disagrees with that, I submit it’s because you really believe the Constitution to be more sacred than the normal Catholic teaching about morality ordered toward the common good. In short, you are wrong and are helping to make such crimes possible by your disordered intellect.

Well. *That* should piss off a few people.