Civil Unrest at Envoy

Rumor has it that there was some sort of coup attempt at Envoy’s blog last night. Pete Vere sent me a note reading:

Dear Comrade Shea,

How goes the revolution on HMS Blog? Just a quick email to report that I have been successful in leading the Revolution at Envoy Encore! You can check it out at:

We will soon be in a position to assist you!

Power to the people!

Comrade Vere

But when I look in this morning, it appears that order has been restored and Supreme Plenipotentiary Patrick Madrid (may he live forever!) retains his iron (but benevolent) grip on power. Perhaps it was just a test of my loyalty to my dear, dear, dear friend and Supreme Maximum Leader, Greg Popcak of HMS blog. An attempt to see if a fake coup on Envoy would make me somehow think of turning against His Total Benevolency. But that I will *never* do!