The Juvenilization of Black America Continues

For some reason, infantile Blacks like the Dad of the Williams Sisters (the tennis gals) can indulge in paranoid rants about racism as the Explanation of Everything and still be taken seriously by the press and still get a huge hearing from lots of other infantilized blacks who are so busy chewing the old cud of anger that they never begin their lives.

One of the interesting things about biblical revelation is that it takes seriously the sins, not only of oppressors, but of the oppressed. It warns, not only against the greed of the rich, but the envy of the poor; not only against the violence of the powerful, but of the bitterness of the powerless. This is something our culture no longer understands. But pathetic wretches like Richard Williams are living illustrations of why Scripture does so. He’s so stuck in bitterness over racism that his daughters can own the tennis world and he can be as rich as Croesus and he’s *still* is stuck in a psychic rut of anger and unforgiveness long after the sins that triggered it have no more power over him than what he gives them. He’s in a prison entirely of his own making and (such is the evil of sin) he *wants* to be in the prison. He *cherishes* his hatred of whites. He cherishes the role of victim.

And such is our culture that very few people will tell him that and many in his own peer circle are eager to remain in prison with him, hating whitey, bitter, and forever miserable.

Scripture makes clear that merely being a victim is not a guarantee that you can’t damn your soul alive. It is also the promise (and St. Paul the Icon) that merely being oppressed and victimized is no bar to happiness and maturity–if we want it.