With the exception of the Truman Show…

I’ve tended to say of Jim Carrey that “Jerry Lewis is a Thinking Person’s Jim Carrey”. Carrey’s tiresome mugging made me sick of him in the first few minutes of some Ace Ventura movie I was unfortunate enough to endure and most of his performances have been More of Same, with the exception of Truman, which showed the guy could act if he could just restrain his Zany Irrepressibility.

Given Barbara Nicolosi’s review, I may go see “Bruce Almighty”, though telling me Tom Shadyac, the director, goes to an LA Catholic Church doesn’t fill me with any confidence that it won’t be drivel. But I’m willing to give it a go.

By the way, “Holes” is terrific. Bring any kid above 10 or so (younger kids will be bored). However, arrive late so you miss the trailers, especially if you do have very small ones in tow. They imbecilically put an ad for “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the trailers. The film looks like jolly fun, but includes images that will scare the daylights out of little kids.