Religious Polemics as Self-Medication

There’s a delightful anti-Catholic site called Iconbusters run by people who put the “ig” in Ignorant Bigot. What always fascinates me about such sites is the question, “Who do they think they are convincing/helping/loving?” Take this wonderful specimen of their work, for instance: Mystic Pizza

Who but… well… another ignorant chucklehead would find this a serious argument against actual Catholic faith? It’s like a Muslim putting up photos of Appalachian snakehandlers and saying “And *that’s* why Jesus Christ is not God!” What mystifies me is who do people like this think they are talking to? Does anybody seriously believe there are legions of stupid Italians seeing the blessed Virgin in pizza? Yes, there are odd local phenomena like this, just as there are odd bouts of people barking like dogs in Toronto Blessing churches. But does snickering at this *really* constitute a refutation of Catholic faith? As near as I can tell, such people are talking pretty much to themselves, medicating some inner need to reduce others to cartoons in order to maintain some psychic structure that keeps them from disintegrating. It’s like they’ve lost touch with the outside world and are conducting an almost completely interior war without reference to the people they vilify. As long as they can defeat the Enemy in their imagination with these goofy cartoons, they can keep their inner demons at bay and show they are still capable of Keeping It Together. Sad.