Bp. Grahmann’s Spokesoid Fires Back at Dreher, Yet Oddly Fails to Note that He is Bp. Grahmann’s Spokesoid

A reader writes:

I don’t know if you’re interested but Bronson Havard has an editorial in today’s Dallas Morning News in response to Rod Dreher’s scathing recent piece about Bishop Grahmann not stepping down for Bishop Galante.

Most interesting to me is that Havard never properly identifies himself as the Dallas Diocese spokesman. Specifically, when it is Galante versus Grahmann, he always speaks for Grahmann. That’s just the most blatant (and provable) of the half truths I saw in the editorial.

Also interesting is the fact that there was not one letter responding to Dreher’s commentary, either printed or in the cyberletters . My guess is the lack of public support is what prompted Havard’s piece.

Domenico Bettinelli does a nice fisk of Havard’s attempted hatchet job. Like Rod, I have trouble deciding which of the cheap shots and half truths I found the most ridiculous, but I think I’m settling for the moment on the insinuation that Rod’s a racist because he thinks Grahmann’s atrocious handling of sexual abuse makes him unfit to govern the diocese (“The multilingual Bishop Grahmann is highly esteemed in the immigrant community, but some prejudiced people don’t value that.”). That piece of vileness alone makes it almost impossible to take seriously anything Havard says, yet it is accompanied by such a splendid panoply of nonsense, snobbery, and character assassination that it manages to get lost in the tide of sophistry. Thanks, DB, for an excellent takedown!