Some final points

I think the Texas Sodomy Law was dumb and unenforceable. If it had been put to a vote I would have voted it down. However, it can no longer be put to a vote because the Supreme Court has once again decided to take away the fundamental American right to order our common life by democratic means and simply issue an edict. In issuing that edict, the Court has effectively said that all consensual behavior, no matter how destructive, is just swell. Our culture is deranged, but not that deranged. However, we shall soon come to be that deranged if we do not act to slow the rush toward Babylon.

Another problem facing American Christians: There is always a tension between patriotism and the country you are patriotic about. The Court just ratcheted up the tension exponentially. In a time of war, and especially in a war against a foe as implacable and evil as the Islamic fundamentalism we face, it is natural to love your country and be grateful for all that we have and all that the Foaming Bronze Age Fanatics wish to destroy. The prophets, who screamed their heads off about Israel’s sins, felt the same. Jeremiah was a patriot down to his bones and wrote an entire book lamenting the fall of his nation. But before that, he was constantly derided as a subversive by his countrymen for saying, in effect, “You can’t expect to win against Nebuchadnezzar when you spit on the covenant.”

American Christians are rapidly being put in the position of saying to their countrymen, “You have now enshrined in law as a “constitutional right” two sins which, in the biblical tradition, cry out to heaven. How long do you think you can continue to speak of ‘America: the Light and the Glory’ and vaunt our obvious ‘right’ to defeat the scourge that comes against us?”

I think it would behoove Americans to stop speaking ever more loudly of our superiority and start getting on our knees before God. Israel was, in a certain sense, superior to the entire pagan world. She possessed gifts that no other nation was granted. In betraying those gifts, she became more subject to judgment since those to whom much is given, much will be required.

We have been given much. If we piss it away, we’ll be more blameworthy in the eyes of God than the most ignorant Bronze Age Fanatic.