Doubtless Some People Will Think it Ridiculous to Say that the SCOTUS Just Declared Our Pervert Priests Out of Bounds for Prosecution

That’s only because they have not thought about the philosophy that underpins the decision. If every consenting act is ipso facto beyond the reach of the law, then it is only a quaint (and soon to be abolished) notion that consenting acts with minors are beyond the reach of law. You might be able to make the case that sex with a 5 year old is a problem. but it will get harder and harder to make that case in law with older kids who are capable of informed decisions. They can already get abortions without parental consent, why not sleep with a priest, if they both consent?

Pandora, phone your office.

I know. It’s still ridiculous. Like those cranks thirty years ago who said abortion would lead to euthanasia. Worry warts.

Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that hates children.