More on Small Groups for the Self-Educationally Minded

A reader writes:

What you are doing (see here and here) is done by several movements in the Church already. These include Marriage Encounter, Couples for Christ and Teams of Our Lady. I’m from the West Indies and belong to the last “movement”. If lay people in the USA were to form themselves into these movements they would gain much more power. For example, their leaders are consulted by the Vatican’s nuncio in the selection of bishops. At least that is what happens here. Maybe then y’all lay catholics wouldn’t be grousing so much as seen in some of the other threads. Most of your groups seem to be reactive and not pro-active, i.e. borne out of the Scandal or to fight a cause not to seek to form a fellowship for holiness. Here in the Windies many of the pro-life groups are the Charismatic communities or prayer groups, not specifically formed reactive groups.

Interesting point. “Reactive” groups are, in general, doomed and short-term. You can’t build a life on protest. You have to be *for* something, not merely against something. And that, in the end, forces you back to the gospel, as all things do eventually.