Coincidence or Smear Campaign?

Phil Lawler of Catholic World Report sends this along:

The new issue of Inside the Vatican carries a letter which has been described to me (I haven’t seen it yet) as an “anti-papal rant, Lefebvrite in tone.” It’s signed by Michael Rose.

This letter was NOT written by the Michael Rose who is author of Goodbye Good Men, and has written frequently for CWR.

Unclear is whether there’s another “Michael Rose” out there with more extreme views, or whether one of the nastier critics of “our” Michael Rose is trying to get him in trouble.

Writing kooky junk and then signing somebody else’s name to it is a favorite trick of some of our more juvenile friends. Might have happened here or maybe there just happens to be an SSPXer named Michael Rose. Hard to say. Anyhow, it ain’t the Michael Rose most people would think of.