Good Morning! It’s Day 4 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week

Yesterday, you got to tell me I’m all wet about our morally deranged culture, hear me argue back, watch conservatives argue about Church social teaching, see the coolest ad you will see all year, ponder the balance between Fortress Catholicism that hates to evangelize because it might lead to dancing and Flake Catholicism that hates to dance only if it leads to evangelism, meet a reporter suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, discover the Truly Scientific[TM] explanation for the conversion of Constantine, throw peanuts at flat-footed atheists and their Skeptic’s Annotated Bible and participate in the nifty Church Speak Contest. Today, you get to ponder embryonic research and muse over those hipstah Boomers and their cheeky children’s lit. And, of course, there’s the convivial atmosphere of the comments boxes where you can promulgate your theories, fiddle while Rome burns, join me as find nothing/everything wrong with the Church (depending on the critic) and (who knows?) meet the man or woman of your dreams!

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