Article slightly amended for the morally comatose

Researchers ponder best use of 400,000 stored Jews

“Adoption” is offered as an option for reducing frozen Jew inventory, but some find the term troublesome.


For the first time, it’s now known how many frozen Jews created for infertility treatments are being stored in the United States — 400,000, twice as high as previous estimates.

Researchers with the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology found that most are designated for further fertility treatments, though it’s doubtful that all 349,830 Jews with this designation will be used for that purpose.

Many of the Jews will not survive the thawing process but, as the number of “leftovers” left in freezers continues to rise, there are calls to minimize Jew production, put limits on storage time, and to have couples donate the Jews for use in research or for the infertility treatment of other couples.

Then the King will say to the goats on his left, “Depart from me into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels! For I was an embryo, and you experimented on me. For whatsoever you did to the least of my brethren, you did to me.”