And now for today’s Contest!

First, read this bit from the Spunkmeisters at CANN

CHURCH-SPEAK that makes us twitch & reach for the air-sickness bag (and check our wallets & get out the Weasel-Word-o-meter): enriching, diversity, share, process, nurture, empower, listening, challenge, controversial, emotional, comfortable, issue, honor, situation, unity, process, divisiveness, values, dialogue, rich, disempower, engage, narrow, program, revisit, around, open, courageous, special, voices, concern, sharing, wounded, inclusive, experience, uncomfortable, narrative, flexible, elitist, with that, around that, paradigm, speak, speak to, demonising, interpret, embrace, fresh, discuss, painful, witch-hunt, perspective, negative– and anything with those ironic smart-alecky “finger quotes”. So what? Well, words mean things, and such ’1984′ puff-words are often used to control thinking, assert an agenda, confuse, or create a ‘we vs. them’ kind of jargon and dishonest habit of speech. After all, you can string some of the words above into quite long sentences, and sound like you’re saying something– but you may not be, or you may be hiding something. Thus: “We really need to enrich and engage with the flexible diversity of our special nurturing process, to empower fresh voices, in an open sharing of experiences and narratives, hearing and honouring of values, so in our group-process we can revisit and speak to the “challenging” issues around that emotional and inclusive listening-program.” Huh? Fewer words (and less opaque and slippery) would be better. Even business-people are getting tired of empty jargon, so the church can’t be any farther than– say– 20 years behind. Do you have similar words & phrases that you’ve heard so many times you now despise them? Let us know! Ban the babble!

Now write a single grammatically correct sentence that includes all these buzzwords.