Another Way to Do Study Groups!

Down below, I gave some tips on how to do study groups so as to educate yourself on this whole Catholic and Western Civilization Thang.

I forgot one. I’ve also been involved for the past several years in a “Married Couples Group” through my parish. The idea is that you form cell groups with about four or five couples (max!) in each cell. Then you get together in homes (we like Sunday afternoons) and chow down together as you discuss some text that you’ve read ahead of time or as you read to one another from some text and chat about it. We’ve done things like the Pope’s “Letter to Families“, Simon Tugwell’s Prayer in Practice and Fr. Robert Spitzer’s Healing the Culture.

If you can get enough cells going, the once a quarter, all the cells should come together for a day of reflection, a potluck and a Mass, or as much as your parish can muster. Our parish did this for a year or two and it was very good! Our cell group is still meeting and we get a lot out of it.