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Friends in Christ,

We invite you to take a look at what’s happening this summer at Blessed Sacrament Church and the Young Adult Community, and get involved with this blessed parish community! With wonderful Guest Speakers, Special and Edifying Presentations, and joyfilled collaborative and meaningful Fellowship, there is much to be a part of and be thankful for!

If you have any questions about the Young Adult Community at Blessed Sacrament and/or the events and goings-on therein, please feel free to contact Angela Kim.

May the Lord’s peace and joy, and the protection of our Holy Mother be with you!



Pope Pius XII, the Second World War, and the Holocaust

Join us as we welcome back Guest Speaker and University of Washington History Professor, Dr. James Felak. Dr. Felak is an incredible, dynamic, and inspiring presenter whose insights and perceptions truly enlighten and edify. Dr. Felak will be giving a talk titled: “Pope Pius XII, the Second World War, and the Holocaust”, Wednesday, June 25th at 7:30pm, in the Parish Hall.

Don’t miss this wonderfully edifying presentation by Prof. James Felak!

A Free-Will Offering will be accepted.

For further information, see below.



Fr. Fulton Memorial Mass

For many who have had the honor of knowing Fr. Fulton, remember a holy and blessed soul, filled with a generous spirit and genuinely loving to all. For those who have not had the first hand honor, know of him and his loving works via the legacy of compassion, love, and the holy testament that was his life. In honor of Fr. Fulton and the proposed naming of the shrine within Blessed Sacrament Church of our most Holy Mother, in his name, we extend a most special invitation to all to this holy Mass event offered in the beautiful Dominican Latin Rite with reception in the Priory Garden to follow.

The Fr. Fulton Memorial Mass celebration is a citywide event and takes place this Saturday, June 28th at 5:45pm at Blessed Sacrament Church.

For further information, please contact the Church Office at (206) 547-3020.



Young Adult Choir & Music Ministry

For all Young Adults who enjoy lifting their voice in song and melody, who love and long to make a joyful noise, who have had musical experience of any kind, and who have had no musical experience whatsoever- we call and invite you to share your gifts and talents of music, joy, and music appreciation with us, participating in the Young Adult Chorus.

This is an opportunity to lift one another up, be lifted up, and minister and evangelize through example, engaging in this blessed process of musicianship- learning to sing and learning of different choral styles including contemporary, classical, chant, gospel, and more.

Rehearsals are every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm in Blessed Sacrament Church. Please answer the call to Discipleship and join us!

For further information, please see below.



We are in need of readers for both Daily and Weekend Masses, this is a wonderful opportunity to contribute and lift up all who come to Mass; please consider giving of your time and energy.

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Alter Servers

With the recent changes in liturgical norms, now is a most appropriate time to really learn about the Mass in discerned involvement. Blessed Sacrament is seeking generous and willing individuals to give of their time and talents to learn and apprentice to serve at Daily and Sunday Masses. Please answer the call to Discipleship and consider giving of your time and talents for you are needed.

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If you are in your 20′s, 30′s, up to early 40′s, you are a Young Adult in the worldwide Catholic Church. Married with or without children, Couples, and Single, the Young Adult Community at Blessed Sacrament is not a “group” but a community whose focus and desire is to lift up the entire Mystical Body and Church as One Body in Christ through Prayer, Education, Service, and Fellowship.

Unless otherwise noted, Young Adult Community sponsored events are inclusive and all are always welcome.

For further event information and/or to learn more about the Young Adult Community at Blessed Sacrament Parish, please contact Angela Kim .

Blessed Sacrament Parish is located at:

5050 8th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

Off of I-5 and 50th Street in the University District.


May the Lord’s peace and joy be with you!

We’ve got a great Young Adults Group at our parish and I like to boost them whenever I can.

Also, they ain’t just a woofin’ when they say Dr. James Felak is a terrific speaker. He’s a Ph.D. in 20th Century Eastern European history at the University of Washington and a parishioner. His lecture on Pius XII is extremely engaging. If you are in the area, check it out!