Amy’s on a roll…

Lotsa good stuff, but especially the piece that begins “Our baptismal call is not to “ministry.” (Amy, attempting to cultivate a Garbo-like aura of inaccessibility, still does not have functional links, so you will have to scroll down till you find it.)

The piece reminds me of yet another fine piece of work by the St. Catherine of Siena Institute: The Parish: Mission or Maintenance?

Priests have houses of formation called seminaries. Laypeople do too–or should. They are called “parishes”. At parishes, we are supposed to be formed to be disciples and apostles. At the altar, the priest is to preside so that, in the world, we are equipped to preside. The mission of the Church is to be done, not by laypeople hankering to fill quasi-priestly roles around the parish, but by laypeople using their charisms out in the world for the building up of the body of Christ, the evangelization of our neighbors, and the renewal of the face of the earth.

This article lays out the authentic Catholic vision better than anything else I know of.

Read. It.

And if you haven’t had Siena out to do a “Called and Gifted Workshop” at your parish, what are you waiting for?