Just what we need: more euphemisms and distortion of language

“I used to mourn the loss of gay in (what I still think of as) its true sense.” But that doesn’t stop him from wanting to do the same thing to the word “bright”.

In other words, in addition to being dumb as a box of hair (kudo to Dale Price for the description), Dawkins is willing to torpedo his own qualms about the distortion of language if he can sell his dimestore philosophy under a euphemism too.

I hope that I’m not drinking something when somebody tries to implement his suggestion. (“Hi! I’m Bill and I’m… bright.”) Liquid will shoot out my nose as I laugh and we’ll all be embarrassed.

Hi Bill. I’m so happy you’re *bright*! Why, those remedial classes are really paying off!

Thanks to Relapsed Catholic for this and many priceless links.