I am shocked to discover that the letter below *may* be a fraud

So, instead, I shall do what numerous readers suggested and announce today as the opening of my quarterly “Donor Drive Week” for Catholic and Enjoying It!

My point is simple: If you like this blog and the news/opinions/humor/theology/commentary/whatnot that it provides, please help keep a decidedly lower middle class writer in shoelaces and dental floss by your generous contribution.

Help bring support for Catholic lay apostolates (that’s “ministries” for all my Evangelical readers) out of the 19th Century and into the 21st! I will put up a reminder each day this week to support your Humble Scribe. After that, I promise you won’t hear a peep out of me about financial support for three months.

Oh, and if PayPal fills you with nameless and irrational fears, feel free to email me and ask for my snailmail address. Checks and cash are just fine with me. Conch shells, however, are only acceptable currency on some remote islands in the South Pacific.

One final thing: if you’d rather get something for your support, you can always order my books and tapes!