Theologically Boneheaded American Catholics Continue to Think Politically

The frustrating thing about this piece is that it gets a lot right and yet gets the central thing so horribly, horribly wrong. Yes, the bishops are still acting like everything will be fine if they just wait out the storm. But what sort of Catholic could possibly write of of the Church that, “its leader lived a long time ago and walked a very different path”? Poor old Jesus. As dead as Confucius or Plato. The starry-eyed rabbi who lucklessly had a church start over his grave which has gotten it all wrong ever since. It’s Stockholm Syndrome crapola like this that makes me so extremely wary of these wolves in sheep clothing who keep saying, “Have those terrible bishops hurt you? Come into my parlor and I’ll teach you the real gospel. Now open your hymnal to #25: “What a Friend We Have in the Jesus Seminar”.