The West: We’re Superior and We Know What’s Good for You!

Only the Islamosphere is implicated in the culture of death. We’re Good Guys!

One of the most hilarious bits of Pope-bashing I’ve seen lately has been the attempt to downplay the West’s avid pursuit of the culture of death because it shows how”free” we are, whereas places like Iraq were simply and solely evil. What is overlooked here, of course, is the damning fact that the violence perpetrated in places like Iraq is a violence perpetrated by a small minority against a helpless population, while the violence perpetrated by our abortion mongering culture is violence perpetrated and embraced by the great mass of ordinary people against its most helpless citizens. Saddam killed 5 million or so in 20 years. He’s a monster and he had a police state apparatus to force that on the country. We kill a million and a half each year freely and with the wide approval of large sectors of the population. In short, the argument boils down to saying that it’s our special boast that any middle class American can imitate Saddam Hussein with ease and comfort in the privacy of their own home and with the full defense of law on his or her side. We’ve privatized the violence and death and called it “moral superiority.”

Some boast.

“All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” – Romans 3:23