Ecumenical Dialogue with a Kick to it

It’s the 21st century. Catholics have been praying in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for, oh, 21 centuries. They’ve been saying the Creed for a little less time. Idolatry and paganism have been eschewed by the teaching of the Church for, well gosh, look at the time!, about 21 centuries. The worship of the God of Israel who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (not of Moloch, Astarte, Zeus, Hera, the Horned God, or Quetzlcoatl) has been preached by the Catholic Church for, odd coincidence that, 21 centuries. And yet, there are still Protestants out there who say “Catholicism is idol-worshipping paganism“.

Some people feel the need to argue with a brick-brained statement like that. Me, for instance, when dealing with truly innocent people who really don’t have a clue what the Church teaches. Why? Cuz I was one of them. But when dealing with people who have been exposed to what the Church actually teaches and who simply and bovinely persist in overlooking the obvious fact that Catholic Faith is Christian, not pagan Disputations has created a fine ecumenical response for their worthless, sinful, intellectually darkened and morally corrupt opinion.

It won’t change the minds of the incorrigibly and wilfully stupid, but I did find it amusing.