Sola Psyche and the Sacramental Economy

… from the awesome St. Catherine of Siena Institute.

The seven sacraments–including the sacrament of Holy Orders–are the normative way in which Jesus gives us his life. Yes, it’s true that “We are bound by the sacraments, but God is not” and so a Catholic should not presume to judge the fate of those outside the sacramental economy. But Catholics who take that as an excuse to neglect the sacraments or say imbecilic things like “Destroy the hierarchy!” (by which they can only mean, “Destroy one of the sacraments Jesus gave us!”) or “Who needs the Eucharist as long as you’ve asked Jesus to be your personal Lord and Savior?” should not bet the farm on their guaranteed salvation either.

Rule of thumb: victims of head on collisions *can* miraculously recover without medical attention sometimes. That’s a bad reason for withholding medicine from victims of head on collisions. The human race is the victim of a head on collision with sin. The medicine the Great Physican has prescribed is the sacraments. Receive them as frequently as you can and pray for those who don’t yet have access to them.