The Nightingale Alliance…

still busy opposing assisted suicide and euthanasia. And God help them in the fight.

Attn: short-sighted Boomers. Support euthanasia today, and your kids will be happy to avail themselves of it tomorrow when you get too old to change the Beatles CD yourself. You can’t say Roe v. Wade hasn’t taught anything to the ones who escaped the knife. There’s a very simple lesson there: inconvenient people should die. Someday, O Boomer, you shall be inconvenient. A big demographic bulge of “useless eaters” perched atop an inverted Social Security pyramid. What O what shall overtaxed Gen X and Gen Y people do to ease the burden of having to pay for the retirement of the most narcissistic generation in history?

Tick tock.

But ungodly men by their words and deeds summoned death;

considering him a friend, they pined away,

and they made a covenant with him,

because they are fit to belong to his party. – Wisdom 1:16