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A reader writes:

I just got back from a few days in NYC. On my voicemail was a long message from a couple of NYC friends (who didn’t know I was in town) reading to me an event listing from St. Francis Xavier parish in Greenwich Village.

Needless to tell you, this is a very, very gay-friendly parish. They have monthly Gay and Lesbian group meetings. Someone told me that on Pride weekend, they use a rainbow flag as the altar cloth, but I’ve never seen that myself. Anyway, the thing my friends read to me over the phone was a notice for the upcoming Lesbian Catholics group meeting. They’re bringing in someone from Toys in Babeland, a lesbian-run dildo emporium in Manhattan, to give a seminar to Catholic lesbians. If you go to the TB website (www.babeland.com), you see that they give seminars on lesbian sadomasochism and suchlike all the time. They even have a West Coast shop in Seattle. And this parish is bringing them in to talk to lesbian Catholics about … what, exactly?

I just called the parish to confirm all this. “Ducky from Toys in Babeland will be the guest speaker” (said the woman who answered the phone) at the next Catholic Lesbians meeting, Friday July 11, 7pm, in the West Room of the parish. Note too that this is a Jesuit parish.

On the site, you can see a place to write for info for the previous (June 13) Lesbian Catholic meeting at the parish; this is the same name and address given for info on the Babes in Toyland seminar. Also, the SFX bulletin suggests writing to the “educator” at the dildo shop for more info: ducky@babeland.com – which happens to be the same address given on the BT site.

Why is Cardinal Egan allowing lesbian S&M; dildo queens come into a Catholic parish to do a seminar? By the way, here’s what the Village Voice’s “Best of 2001″ issue had to say about that parish, in its “Best of Sex” section. It also listed Babes in Toyland as the “Best Place to Rent a Feminist Porn Movie” and the “Best Place to Buy a Plastic Vagina.” Love the last line of this entry:

Best Place to ‘Fess Up – St. Francis Xavier Church
ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CHURCH, 2001: No black box. A priest in a sweater and khakis sits you by a big open window and chats with you about your problems in a nonjudgmental way. Says things like “No matter what you choose, you are loved in the eyes of God.” (This was in reference to me telling him I wanted to kiss a girl.) Here, sexuality is as fluid as the blood of Christ. Amen. – Alexis Sottile

46 West 16th Street, Manhattan 627-2100


Before anybody is permitted to complain about how powerless you are, you must first contact the Archdiocese of New York, and raise hell about this (politely and respectfully, or you will just be round-filed as a nut and a screamer by some busy functionary). Then, feel free to resume whining. However, if the Archdiocese responds to you by doing something about it, you will have to retract the whine.