Gay Marriage in Canada

A reader sez:

See this morning’s NY Times. Activitists are predicting American gays will get licenses and briong ‘em back to challenge US laws. Biggest event ever in gay history, they say.

Canada is 43 percent Catholic. US is 25 percent Catholic. So in which country does this movement get the strongest boost? The paper says there is little organized opposition to gay marriage in Canada.

sadder news than bishop O’brien, I’m afraid.

My reader is obviously out of touch. The problem, you see, is *entirely* with our bishops and clergy. We laypeople are stainless. It’s not *our* responsibility if the culture is aggressively pro-homosexual while the vast majority of us are in supine submission to whatever our TVs are saying. Let’s forget this little sociological hiccup north of the border and focus our attention on placing all the blame for the state of the Church on the bishops and the Pope. Let’s keep reciting our little narrative of our powerlessness to ourselves. Let’s keep pretending that access to the bureaucratic machinery of the Church is the only form of power that matters (excellent clericalism that!) and ignore the vast tracts of life in which we do have power and seem to be utterly uninterested in exercising it (or to exercise it wrongly). It will keep us from having to deal with our own responsibilities.