Clericalism in the Name of a Liberated Church

Read this little tale of numbskullery at Mass. What’s so annoying about this is that the priests no doubt view themselves as “takin’ it to the streets”, “givin’ the Mass back to the People” and all those other slang phrases which involve takin’ the letter “g” off verbs and replacin’ them with apostrophes to sound more In Touch and Aware with the rhythms of political speech in 1970.

However, the net effect of this crap is that laypeople who, like, have a modicum of dignity and don’t need to be talked down to, and who would *never* endure this kind of crap in a job situation, have to sit around and do this group therapy drivel that’s been passe for 30 years. Why do we endure it? Because, of course, we don’t want to hurt the *priest’s* feelings since, in the end, such antics are all about him. When a brave soul like Woodeene sits out stuff like this, it’s not an affront to other laity (we wish *we’d* had the courage to sit it out too). Nope. Instead the source of the tension is that everybody fears that poor *father* will have his feelings hurt because this uncooperative rat would not run the maze. So most of us gamely join the little circle and share our feelings about the readings or whatever so that Father won’t get all teary. Net result: Father retains the illusion that he’s no clericalist while we are treated more condescendingly than we would be by the haughtiest papal theorist of the 11th century.