Mayor Keating of Potemkinville* Resigning

Head of Toothless Meaningless National Review Board bagged after complaining about ecclesial stonewalling. Mahony explains, “I never meant for them to actually *do* anything!”

Keating, to be sure, was a loose cannon given to pinheaded statements urging laity to not go to Mass. But then, the bishops picked him, didn’t they? And they picked him and the various other politicos, Clintonistas, and “faithful Catholics” for one purpose: to give the illusion that they were doing something. One can hardly be surprised when the people they pick find, to their surprise, that the guiltiest bishops have no interest in doing anything beyond hiring PR firms and stonewalling. Keating was a motor mouth. But he spoke the truth about Cdl. Mahony.

Cdl. Mahony, do you not fear God?

* Kudo to Fr. Rob Johansen (whose links don’t work) for the image of the Potemkin Village.