Apparently the bishops are going to look at liturgical dance

I’m seeing a fair amount of buzz about this in the blogosphere and somebody wrote asking my opinion. Basically, I don’t have one. I don’t know what the bishops are going to be looking at, much less their agenda. I know Rome says there shouldn’t be liturgical dance (at least in the Latin rite, I don’t know about other rites). But I have no idea the nature of the discussion, much less the outcome. So I think it’s a bit premature to be jumping all over the bishops for it.

I’ve only seen liturgical dance done a couple of times. Once was back in the 80s, before I was Catholic. I thought it was quite lovely. The other time(s?) it was more what most people dread: portly nuns with close-cropped iron grey Janet Reno hair, wearing sensible shoes and gallumphing up the aisle to the tune of some dreadful OCP hymn like “Anthem”. Not as funny as the infamous “Upside Down Rubber Chicken Holy Spirit of Global Eco-Harmony” Vacation Bible school play I once saw, but a close runner up.