Cdl. Mahony sez, “I was just kidding when I said I was serious about clerical abuse”

The coast is clear, Cardinal. The PR scheme worked. You can get back to business as usual. Your flock won’t mind so long as you don’t challenge them with the Faith. Perhaps you should get back to the real focus of your ministry and think about investing in a new limo or helicopter.

Mahony, who has stonewalled and told whoppers, is upset because Frank Keating has publicly noted that Mahony stonewalls and tells whoppers.

Ahhh! It’s a great day to be Catholic.

By the way, don’t take my endorsement of Keating’s assessment as an endorsement of the stupid, meaningless, powerless, toothless, pointless “National Review board” which the bishops created as a sort of Potemkin Village and a tragic confession that “we aren’t fit to govern our diocese”. The only real powers at work here are Caesar and Christ. If the bishops will not follow Christ, they shall follow Caesar–to jail. The National Review board has no power whatever. It’s a Potemkin Village, peopled by Clinton sycophants like Leon “Partial Birth Abortion is A Okay with Me” Panetta and Robert Bennett. It can provide annoyance to the bishops in the press (like today). But it is utterly toothless in dealing with the central problem: bad bishops who wish to ignore or (in Mahony’s case) punish them for being *too* annoying. The only way out of this is to get faithful bishops and then we won’t need Potemkin Villages. God send them soon!