A reader writes:

one of the great losses I see from the current wars about homosexuality and their apparent results is that no area of society will be left unsexualized. That is, there will finally be no place, no gathering of men or women or children where the tension of potential sexual activity can be reliably set aside in favor of such values as simple friendship or companionship, or even just focusing on the task at hand.

On of my private opinions is that this is the factor that is being/has been destroyed by the unrelenting insistence on opening men’s clubs not only to women, but now to homosexuals as well. Whatever they may have meant to sexist power structures, such institutions as the Boy Scouts and other single-gender organizations (the Catholic priesthood?) allowed a smal part of society where it could be reliably assumed that sex was not something to worry about, at least for a little while (obviously there were exceptions, but exceptions to be avoided and removed whenever possible). Soon there will be no such refuge, and sexual tension will be all-pervasive and right on the surface, where not even Freud believed it was healthy.

Indeed. A priest friend has observed that the great hole in our souls in modern American culture is the almost complete lack of Friendship. This form of love (Phileo) so prized by the ancients, is ruthlessly eroticized by propagandist for homosexuality. Two men or women are close? Obviously latent homosexuality. That’s basically the method at work in reading David and Jonathan, or even Jesus and his disciples (see, or rather, don’t see Terence McNally’s “Corpus Christi”). But gay propaganda doesn’t need much help. We are a culture apostate Puritans and we have increasingly tended to sexualize everything, including our children (see “Ramsey, JonBenet”). So I think you are on to something. Not *every* form of love is eros. But our unimaginative and morally deranged culture can’t see that.