Bp. Kelly of Louisville: The People’s Choice

Some background on good Bp. Kelly is here. Resisting the impulse to dub him the “Louisville Sluggard” for his spectacularly negligent and costly oversight of his diocese, I wish to enlist none other than Rod Dreher, with whom I have had a long and friendly disagreement, concerning the complicity of the laity in our morally deranged culture, in illustrating my point that, bad as these guys are, they are guys that the vast majority of the American Catholic laity prefer, defend, and even *demand* in preference to a good bishop like, say, Bruskewitz.

Rod sends along the following link with this money quote:

Though there have been calls for Archbishop Kelly to resign, many people here stand by him.

“I think the good he’s done outweighs the things he let slide,” said Cathy Stone, 78, from the east side of Louisville. “Nobody is perfect. “

Rod, in words sweet to the ear of somebody like me, who loves to be right, says, “I thought this morning when I read that, “Oh s***, Shea’s on to something.”

I will now add, in my insufferable know-it-all way :), “Of course I am! Our bishops are, on the whole, pretty accurate reflections of our culture. They are at fault for their sins, since their task is to be better than the prevailing culture. But that’s not exactly an exoneration of us laypeople who create the existing culture and who would demonstrate our own “Christian heroism” by a) defending guys like Kelly and b) withholding our whopping $1 a week from the collection plate. Boy, do *we* occupy the moral high ground!”