Interesting idea!

A reader writes:

Popcak rightly observes that many of the 90% of Catholics who disagree with Catholic teaching on sex are really unaware of the teaching of the Church on these matters due to poor catechetics at every level. Poor teaching of the faith seems to be the root of many problems.

Why couldn’t the USCCB sponsor and publicize an Internet based catechetical “school” based on the official Catechism, Scripture and Tradition. This could be used as a supplement for all forms of Catholic education and RCIA. Courses could be provided for kids as well as adults, those new to Catholicism as well as those seeking deeper knowledge of the faith and how to teach and defend it. Could you imagine general courses on God, the Church and the Sacraments as well as advanced courses on the theology (including theology of the body),ecclesiology, Church history, aplogetics, soteriolgy, eschatology etc..

It would be nice if the USCCB took such a thing under their wing. But the nice thing about the Net is that laypeople who want to teach the authentic teaching of the Church don’t have to wait around for that to happen. You can start your own blog today!