Some Pro-War Folks Appear to be Moving from “We’ll find ‘em! Just you wait, you antiwar idiots!” to…

“[T]here could have been misstatements made, I think in good faith.”

Does this mean they are giving up on ever finding WMDs? Isn’t that a bit premature?

If they don’t find them, I think it’s certain *possible* that misstatements were made in good faith. Like I say, what do I know about how intelligence works. But I also think that pro-war types should at least consider the possibility that politicians, even American ones, do lie from time to time. I’m skeptical that this happened here. But I leave it as an open door in my thoughts on the war. I am not, you see, an ideologue. I prefer “knowing what’s going on” thinking over “party loyalty at all costs” thinking.