People, people!

Why is it that any attempt to point out that our culture is a huge factor in the Situation is always met with defensive stuff like “This doesn’t let the hierarchy off the hook, you know! Why do you keep blaming the laity? It’s the Pope who made these appointments! It’s the bishops who screwed up! It’s priests who blah blah blah…”

Yes. I know. Everybody knows this. And if I were writing a blog read by the USCCB (or is it NCCB these days?) and they were assiduously writing in to assure me that it all the fault of Those Laypeople Over There, you can bet I’d tell them that this is denial and diversion–much as I’m telling you, since you, O Lay Reader and Creator of Culture, are the primary reader of my blog.

It’s not really that complicated. To point out the faults that we laypeople have is not to exculpate the bishops for participating in those faults. It is, if anything, to arraign them as the spineless cultural conformists so many of them are. However, to engage in fingerpointing and tongue-clucking at the bishops while pretending that there is nothing wrong with us, the creators of the culture that gives us such bishops *is* to attempt to exculpate ourselves. This is rather preposterous since we are 99.9999% of the Church and the sooner we stop whining about our “powerlessness” and start making the changes in our own lives necessary to the reform of the Church, the sooner we’ll actually be doing something about the Situation besides complaining about it.