Greg Popcak Obligingly Points out Two Things I’ve Been Saying

First, Bill O’Reilly is a bullying semi-Catholic gasbag.

Second, O’Reilly, supposedly a conservative Catholic, nicely illustrates my point: which is that Catholics from his vaunted “90%” don’t *want* faithful bishops. They want bishops who will leave them alone and not bother them about their sex lives. If a few kids get raped, they will simulate outrage for a while. But mostly they’re content with a nice passel of ciphers who reflect pretty well the morally deranged culture that gasbags like O’Reilly prefer over the actual life and teaching of the faith. We produce a culture where a “conservative Catholic” idiot like O’Reilly is rewarded with airplay before millions and a paycheck to match and we’re stunned that the people who rise to the top are similar buffoons?

Yeah, right. It’s all the Pope’s fault. Nuthin’ wrong with us!