There are two basic responses to this sort of thing

One response is to gripe and moan and complain. And to be sure, there’s much to complain about. The wretched catechesis is inexcusable and another fine fruit of the brilliant pastoral care of Bp. O’Brien. But if you just sit there moaning and complaining while idiot catechists conga the Faith away, guess what? You did nothing and you are partly responsible.

The other thing we can do is stop talking and thinking as though laypeople are helpless and begin to create–ourselves–the structures of creative orthodoxy which will catechize the young who, as Patty rightly observes–are hungry for the truth and (as I would add) desire heroism above all, not the drivel fed them by brain-dead catechists. So stop whining. Get out there and start making it happen and hook up with others who are trying to do the same. It won’t be easy but it’s not impossible.

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