Interesting debate…

between John Pacheco (who used to work for CAI before it imploded) and Bob Sungenis. Bob, applying the theological prowess that makes him an expert on why the earth doesn’t rotate and why Jews think it’s okay to rape little girls, has joined the crowd of people freaking out over the Pope’s meetings in Assisi. John does a fine job of showing why the Assisi Freak Out crowd need to find something else to freak out about. Bottom line: error has no rights, but persons in error do. Meantime, the Church works with all people of goodwill to further the goals of the gospel, while not backing away from proclaiming the fullness of the Faith. This is why the same Pope can hold meetings in Assisi while promulgating Dominus Iesus. From Assisi, shallow critics take away the idea that the Pope has suddenly become a Universalist. From Dominus Iesus, shallow critics conclude that he’s a Catholic Triumphalist. And that is the answer to the riddle of why critics constantly complain that he’s too round and too square, too black and too white, too left and too right: they’re shallow.