The Old Moral Equivalence Strategem

Now and then some screwball like Eric Rudolph does some evil thing in the name of Christianity. And when that happens, we all know what to expect from the great mass of Christians: huge demonstrations all around the world in favor of Rudolph, with live images of these cheering throngs shouting “Death to the Jews! Death to the Infidel!” beamed everywhere courtesy al-Triniteera. Meanwhile, hundreds and hundreds of priests and ministers, all around the world, are preaching about the glories of Rudolph’s Holy War against the godless and urging as many young men as possible to join him, as they carefully explain that Jews make matzoh from the blood of Christian girls.

Oh. Wait. Rudolph lived in the woods and ate from garbage cans because he’s so isolated from ordinary Christian society? Virtually no Christians regard him as anything other a disgusting slime who blasphemes their faith with his nutjob vigilante violence? So why are we talking about “Christian terrorism”?

Ahhhh! Because this is the Globe, and it’s necessary to try to make some specious comparison between the violence widely approved of by the mainstream in Islam, and the violence that is approved of by virtually no Christians. That way, the Globe can slip more easily back in its comfortable old pattern of bashing Christians. Kathy Shaidle’s right. Leftism is a form of mental illness.