I strongly doubt Bush was lying

However, the fact that articles like this are being written could mean trouble on the horizon. Suppose, however, for the sake of argument, that he lied. He’s still got some things going for him that Nixon didn’t. First, he’s likeable. Second, we are still locked in mortal combat with people who want to kill us and most Americans are more interested in having a leader who is serious about that than they are in leaping into a some Watergate Scandal. In short, I think most Americans are not going to be *too* interested in caring, even if it were shown somehow that Bush lied through his teeth. He’s making most people feel safe in an unsafe time and they’re willing to put up with rather a lot of shadiness in such circumstances, if history is any sort of witness.

For my part, I think it’s way too early to ascribe lies to the administration. I have no idea how they were getting their intelligence. Indeed, we don’t even know yet that WMDs don’t exist.