The blog below does not, contra some people’s opinions, mean I’ve “joined the antiwar crowd”

It merely means that I object to woolly thinking, of which the antiwar crowd has plenty as well. Just yesterday, somebody sent me a note saying that Christians were being roughed up by Muslims in Iraq, so how could I possibly think things were better as a result of the war? I replied that a certain moral calculus would tend to suggest that a country where the murder and imprisonment of children was no longer state policy and where people were no longer fed into plastic shredders for the amusement of psychopaths could be regarded as something of an improvement. I might also add that to deliberately overlook that in the assessment of the postwar situation is to wilfully blind oneself to some rather salient facts. But good as these outcomes are, they are not, however, the reason we fought the war. Which was my point below. I’m still part of the “wait and see” crowd with respect to WMDs.