A reader sends along this review of Philip Jenkins’ book “The New Anti-Catholicism”

and remarks:

Commonweal editor Paul Baumann argues that the Church’s denial of religious freedom was the principal source of Protestant enmity toward Catholics in this country, claiming “‘Error has no rights’ was the Catholic position until the Second Vatican Council”. I find it hard to believe that the animosity of pre-Vatican II anti-Catholics was rooted in a fondness for religious tolerance.

It is a bit difficult to see Know Nothings murdering Catholics and burning their orphanages, or KKK members lynching papists, as apostles of warm Unitarian fuzziness. I think Mr. Baumann may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Can some Catholics be Triumphalist jingos about their Church, forgetting they are saved by grace and not because they are That Sort of Chap? Yes. Is that a serious explanation of America’s long and shameful history of anti-catholic bigotry?

In yer dreams.